Digital Meeting - Pas besoin d'attendre la clôture des comptes pour organiser vos AG hybdrides

Your annual accounts will soon be closed? What happens next?

Does your company close its accounts on 31 December? So chances are your accountant is in the process of finalising your annual accounts.

Once they have been finalized, they will still need to be formally approved.

In principle, your board of directors will have to approve them. If you have an auditor, your auditor will start his or her auditing work. Then it will be time to call your general meeting to approve them.

In these uncertain times, the organisation of these board meetings and your general meeting is much more complex than expected. At Digital-Meeting, we welcome you to help you digitise this entire process.

Organising the board of directors, preparing the invitations to your general meeting, sending the invitations to your shareholders, online voting and editing the minutes, … all these operations can be carried out remotely. The aim is to avoid amateurism. Put your trust in professionals!

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