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The user interface

The user interface

Since the launch of our solution, we have been paying constant attention to our users.

If 11,175 people were able to participate in their general meeting on 30 June 2021, it is well worth listening to them.

That is why everyone who attended a meeting and was invited to sign their participation certificate is invited to give us their feedback through an online evaluation form.

On the basis of the feedback, we have thoroughly revised the user interface.

What changes?

The videoconference screen

The space dedicated to video-conferencing has been significantly enlarged. The participant therefore has a much larger and more comfortable screen without having reduced the importance of the voting buttons.

On the contrary, these voting buttons are always visible.

Hybrid participation

While previously the interface was clearly designed for remote participation, today our solution has been thoroughly revised to allow comfortable participation of users whether they are at home or in the meeting room.

Using their smartphone, users who are physically present at the meeting are invited to vote at the same time and in the same way as remote participants.

But as a phone screen is not comparable to your computer screen, it was necessary to rework their screen.

Indeed, we are convinced, and have always been, that the future lies in hybrid meetings where you can participate both remotely and physically. Apart from the particular circumstances we have experienced in recent months, there is no reason to favour one mode of meeting over the other.

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