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Signature of the organiser

We hadn’t thought of that, let’s be honest. A number of the organisers of the 212 meetings that have been held thanks to our solution have made a few suggestions.

And it was an association of doctors in Limburg who pointed out to us that allowing the organiser to co-sign the participant’s certificate of participation would be a real plus.

Until now, participants in a meeting were offered to sign a certificate of participation that included the various decisions taken during the meeting. The certificate also attests to the remote participation of the participant. It therefore gives the participant comfort. The participant is issued with a certificate of participation and a guarantee that his or her votes, which are mentioned in the certificate, have been taken into account.

But this certificate was not signed by the meeting organiser. Only the participant’s signature was offered.

In a logic of “contractualisation” of the meeting and its minutes, it is now possible to provide for the signature of the automatically generated document both by the organiser and by the participant.

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