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Prolonged COVID measures: no general meeting in person until March 1st

The ministerial decree of 12 January 2021 published the same day in the Moniteur Belge extended the anti-COVID measures until 1st of March 2021.

For co-ownerships, associations or companies, this means that general meetings cannot be held in person.

Is this serious? Let’s just say it’s annoying. But there are alternatives.

At Digital-Meeting, although we look forward to the possibility of seeing our loved ones again, we think there are worse things. That’s why we offer you the option of holding your general meetings remotely. A general meeting is certainly an important moment in the life of your company or association, but it is still a working meeting that can be organised at a distance.

In the end, it is all about having the right tools at your disposal.

Interested? Ask for a demo!

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