Schedule your meetings, block the agenda of your participants to ensure their presence. Manage your alerts.


Easily invite your shareholders to your general meeting


Allow shareholders to consult the agenda as well as the documents attached to your notice of meeting

Online Voting

Count remote votes, such as those cast in person or voting instructions received from your members prior to the meeting.


Validate then generate your attendance list to know if your quorums ae reached


Find in a few clicks your past meeting reports and their annexes

Assisted management of your general meeting

Exercise your rights, wherever you are.

Our users talk about it



Yvan Absil CFO (June 2020)
A very promising solution to organise our general meeting in this period of COVID which prevents our shareholders from meeting. Next year, this solution will make it possible to manage participants who will travel, as well as those who do not want to or cannot attend.


Atila Haroun (September 2020)
Very nice experience with DIGITAL MEETING for the General Meeting of our company. Dozens of participants, a fluid product thought out in the smallest details with an extremely efficient support service. I highly recommend this conclusive solution which allowed us all to get together and continue our work.


Anne-Claire Vanfleteren CEO (June 2020)
This is a truly innovative solution because it makes it very easy to organise your virtual AGM by taking into account all the necessary elements: video, agenda, secure voting, minutes of the AGM,... and all this with a simple and efficient interface, very easy to use.


Noémi Grandjean (February 2021)
"I bounce back to share with you the experience of our cooperative because the tool was not mentioned and could help some.
We used the platform Digital-meeting:
1. The platform offers several options for your GA: online voting (adding files and videos, very useful) or live GA by video conference, or a mix of both. For us, it was remote and closed desktop.
2. Their team is super available and assists you throughout the process. Perfect for us who were inexperienced and a bit in the rush.
3. They know the law and are able to help you make sure that everything is in order (minutes, summons, etc.). We have had great feedback from our co-operators and a record of participation! (1200 voters, against 70 in person) 😀 "