Frequently Asked Questions

Both the Companies and Associations Code and the Civil Code allow companies and associations to choose whether they wish to organise their general meeting in “face-to-face”, “remote” or “hybrid” mode, where some participants are physically present in the meeting room and others participate remotely. 

In addition to these modes of participation, participants can, depending on the choice of the organisers, either communicate their voting instructions before the general meeting (early voting) or express their vote during the general meeting. 

Digital-Meeting can handle all these options.  

Our meetings can accommodate up to 200 active participants per meeting. These are participants who need to be heard or seen by other participants.

If you need to accommodate more participants, we will ask your participants about their participation intentions. If they wish to be seen and heard, they will be directed to a virtual meeting room that will allow them to be active during the meeting. If they do not wish to take part in the debates, they will be directed to a room where they can follow the video conference and vote, but they cannot be seen or heard.

In short, the number of participants is unlimited.

This is precisely the purpose of our platform. Whether the participant’s vote is an early vote or whether the participant casts his vote during the meeting, he will benefit from the guarantees offered by Digital-Meeting. 

Before the meeting, the participant is invited to check his contact details and the number of votes he will be able to cast at the meeting. 

Before or during the general meeting, the participant will be able to encode his vote and see for himself that it has been counted. 

As soon as the organisers have closed the general meeting, remote participants will see a pop-up on their screen displaying a certificate of participation in the general meeting. The participant will see the different items on the agenda, the decision taken by the meeting including the majority with which the decision was adopted or rejected and finally his or her own vote. 

Each participant will be asked to sign this certificate of participation and, if he or she wishes, to save or print it. 

In order to access the meeting, participants must receive an invitation e-mail containing a secure link to their user space.

No email, no access to the meeting.

You can provide additional access conditions:

Access code for the meeting
Access code per participant
Production of the identity card

We are happy to welcome you for your general meetings, but also for your board of directors or strategic committees, CCPT or CE. Even for your festival committee.

We recommend that you take out an annual subscription, which allows you to hold all your meetings on our platform.

A special form has been designed for board meetings, where traditionally the participants are more active than the members of a general assembly.

Our platform is available in Dutch, French and English.

For each meeting you can define a main language and secondary languages.

You can then write your agenda in the different languages you have selected.

Your participants will follow the meeting in their own language.

If you would like to have interpretation during the meeting, please contact us.