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News & updates

The 5 golden rules of a successful meeting

The 5 golden rules of a successful meeting We can spend an incredible amount of time in meetings. It doesn’t matter whether they are held …

News & updates

Signature of the organiser

We hadn’t thought of that, let’s be honest. A number of the organisers of the 212 meetings that have been held thanks to our solution …

News & updates

Archiving of documents

Organising meetings is all very well. But improving corporate governance also means giving your board members and the various stakeholders of your company access to …

News & updates

The user interface

The user interface Since the launch of our solution, we have been paying constant attention to our users. If 11,175 people were able to participate …

Digital Meeting - Les AG tout en papier. C'est dépassé ! Et si on arrêtait de bricoler ?
Issue & Solution

“Paper” general meetings. What if we stopped tinkering?

If I say “general meetings”, if you are an entrepreneur, a director or a shareholder, chances are that you think “waste of time”, “administrative process”, …