11.175! Let’s celebrate!

11.175. This is the number of shareholders who were able to attend their general meeting in 2021 thanks to Digital Meeting.

We are very pleased to have hosted 121 meetings in the first six months of the year and would like to warmly thank the 106 companies and associations that have trusted us.

Digital Meeting, the solution that in a few clicks allows you to manage the three important stages of your general meeting. All in full compliance with Belgian law:

– The pre-meeting: assisted preparation of your agenda, management of members or shareholders and their voting rights, sending of invitations, provision of documents;

– The meeting: remote or face-to-face participation, electronic voting from their PC or smartphone, possibility of simultaneous translation… ;

– The post-meeting: assisted generation of the minutes, delivery of a certificate of participation to the shareholders and electronic signature of the shareholders who wish it

Digital-Meeting, what if we stopped tinkering?

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