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10 reasons to use Digital Meeting: Easy and secure access for participants

The participants in your meeting may not be familiar with digital tools.

This is why it is important to facilitate their access to their user space and to the meeting.

At Digital-Meeting, we have done everything we can to make their lives easier. An invitation e-mail is sent to participants. This email contains a secure link to their user area. No login, no password. Just a secure link.

In their user space, each participant has access to their data but also to the agenda of the meeting as well as to the annexes to the items on the agenda. He has the possibility to formulate his questions or comments on the agenda. Finally, they are invited to express their intention to participate or not to participate in the meeting.

On the agreed day, he is invited to join by means of a simple button. He will then be able to fully participate in the meeting, speak if you have decided to give him the floor and, most importantly, vote.

At the end of the meeting, your remote participant will be issued with a certificate of participation in the meeting. On this certificate he or she will find not only the items that were on the agenda, but also the items that were on the agenda.